EBSCO Capital announces the acquisition of Zepheira by EBSCO Information Services—a subsidiary of EBSCO Industries. Zepheira is a provider of large-scale, decentralized linked data infrastructure. EBSCO Information Services is the leading discovery service provider for libraries worldwide with more than 11,000 discovery customers in over 100 countries.

Zepheira’s mission is to connect libraries, archives, and museums to make the world a smarter place. It uncovers previously hidden data and insights for patrons and facilitates connections between library systems and the open web. This acquisition reinforces EBSCO Information Services commitment to making information available when, where and how users need it.

Zepheira’s linked data technology allows library data to be referenced on the open web and in knowledge panels by service providers such as Google. This makes it easier to bring additional patrons into the library system, expanding the reach of its content, and provides enriched and contextually relevant information for patrons. Following the integration of library collections data into the Google knowledge panel at the end of last year, the impact of these technologies for libraries is increasing. EBSCO first partnered with Zepheira in 2015 and the partnership includes data enrichment services with NoveList® Select, offering additional data access points to patrons searching for reading resources.

Zepheira’s expertise and technologies combined with EBSCO Information Services resources, library collections and open web resources will bring advanced new capabilities to shared products and services. In the future, Zepheira’s linked data capabilities will have far-ranging applications across information discovery, resource management and stewardship.