Norman Lures

EBSCO Capital is pleased to announce the acquisition of Norman Lures for EBSCO portfolio company PRADCO Outdoor Brands.

Founded by Bill Norman in the early 1960’s, Norman Lures is a legendary fishing lure brand whose deep-diving crankbaits complement PRADCO’s existing brand and product portfolio.

“We are delighted to add Norman Lures to PRADCO Fishing’s portfolio of iconic brands, and we look forward to continuing the Norman legacy of producing innovative baits and exciting color combinations,” said Robert Schoenvogel, PRADCO Outdoor Brands President. “Our goal at PRADCO Outdoor Brands is to grow aggressively by leveraging our recently enhanced sales, marketing, and distribution capabilities. We continue to invest heavily in new product development and organic growth across all of our brands, but acquisitions are an important part of our growth strategy. Norman Lures is a great fit for PRADCO, and I am confident that our mutual customers will be very pleased with the investment and support we have planned for the future of Norman Lures.”