Investment Criteria

EBSCO Capital is responsible for acquisition activity for both new platform opportunities and add-on opportunities for our portfolio companies.

New Platform


New PlatformsBusiness services
Consumer products
Data and software
Add-onsInformation services
Healthcare technology
Outdoor products
Workspace solutions
Electrical products distribution
Risk management
Promotional products

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New Platforms$5-20 million
Add-onsNo minimum
New PlatformsControl; otherwise flexible
Add-onsMust acquire 100%
New PlatformsHeadquartered in U.S. or Canada
New PlatformsClear, sustainable competitive advantage;
Solid management team with sense of urgency, growth orientation and proven track record of success;
Low capex, high FCF generation;
Reasonably diverse customer base;
High quality candidates with tangible growth potential.
Add-onsStrong strategic rationale
Expand product offering
Diversify customer base
Realize cost savings
Expand geographic territory

Investment Philosophy

EBSCO Capital is not a private equity firm, and therefore not bound by the typical restraints of that investment method. In particular, we don’t view our investments on a short term time horizon, we don’t look for opportunities to over leverage our investments, and we don’t plan to strip our operating companies of their core assets to reach a return hurdle.

It’s simple: we look to invest in companies that will add value to our portfolio over the long term. We believe in the importance of viable, healthy businesses.