EBSCO Capital Announces the Acquisition of Hydrolico for Bailey

EBSCO Capital announces the acquisition Hydrolico International Inc. (Hydrolico) for EBSCO Industries’ portfolio company, Bailey International, LLC (Bailey), a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of mobile hydraulic power solutions that is headquartered in Knoxville, TN.  Hydrolico is a Quebec-based, leading manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic equipment and components.

Recognized for quality and reliability, with an extensive portfolio of products and capabilities including hydraulic cylinders, manifolds, valves, and other equipment, Hydrolico is an ideal acquisition for Bailey. “We are excited about the combination of Hydrolico with Bailey. The market synergies, complementary portfolio of products, and geographic expansion will help Bailey and Hydrolico better serve their customers and achieve their vision of international expansion, new electro-hydraulic technical capabilities, increased capacities, and technical sales strength,” says Nathan Bouknight, Managing Director of EBSCO Capital.

This acquisition will expand Bailey’s product portfolio and provide additional expertise in hydraulic and pneumatic component manufacturing and sourcing capabilities. Bailey will continue to develop and grow the Hydrolico business in Canada and the United States. “This combination allows us to bring a combined 70 years of expertise to the market,” said Ken Baker, CEO of Bailey International. “We look forward to providing more products, additional capabilities and excellent service to our customers,” said Baker.

Hydrolico’s facilities in Montreal, Canada and Walker, Michigan will further strengthen Bailey’s North American infrastructure and help support customers globally. Additionally, it’s sales and distribution network will reinforce Bailey’s existing system.

“We have a high degree of confidence in the Bailey leadership team and their ability to grow the business organically and through acquisitions. Hydrolico is an excellent strategic fit that will provide Bailey with significant growth opportunities,” said David Walker, President, and CEO of EBSCO Industries. “We look forward to welcoming the Hydrolico team members and continuing their legacy of providing excellent service and high-quality products,” said Walker.